Research Team

The HMD is made possible through the collaboration of many people. Two teams of researchers have had primary responsibility for the creation of this database. Those teams are based in the Department of Demography of the University of California, Berkeley (UCB),and in the Data Laboratory of the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (MPIDR). The French Institute for Demographic Studies (INED) has also supported the further development of the database in recent years. This listing includes current project members.


Dmitri Jdanov (MPIDR)

Co-Director of the HMD project, Director of the Human Life-Table Database, PI of the STMF project

Magali Barbieri (UCB/INED)

Co-Director of the HMD project, Co-Director of the Human Life-Table Database, Director of the USMDB

Core Team:

Domantas Jasilionis (MPIDR), member of the HMD executive board, country expert, co-PI of the STMF project
Carl Boe (UCB), member of the HMD executive board, research software developer, methodological group and technical support
László Németh (MPIDR), country expert, research software developer, methodological group, STMF visualization toolkit
Denys Dukhovnov (UCB), country expert
Dana Glei (UCB), country expert
Celeste Winant (UCB), research software developer and technical support
Lisa Körber (MPIDR), research support and website management
Lisa Yang (UCB), research support
Ainhoa Alustiza Galarza (independent researcher), PR

The following individuals are currently in charge of at least one country included in the HMD:

  • Magali Barbieri (UCB): France, United States
  • Marília R. Nepomuceno (MPIDR): Austria, Belarus
  • Dmitri Jdanov (MPIDR): Israel, Russia, and Ukraine
  • Denys Dukhovnov (UCB): Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland
  • Dana Glei (UCB): Chile, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Republic of Korea
  • Domantas Jasilionis (MPIDR): England & Wales, Estonia, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Poland, and Scotland
  • Isabella Marinetti (MPIDR): Germany
  • László Németh (MPIDR): Czechia, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Slovak Republic, and Slovenia
  • Sergey Timonin (MPIDR): Bulgaria

Former Members of the Core Team:

John Wilmoth (Founding Director, UCB), Vladimir Shkolnikov (Founding Director, MPIDR), Kirill Andreev (UCB), Vladimir Canudas-Romo (UCB), Tim Riffe (UCB), Pavel Grigoriev (MPIDR).

Others who have worked for this project in the past, or for one its immediate predecessors, include:

Mary Anderson (UCB), Evgeny Andreev (MPIDR), Mila Andreeva (UCB), Lindsay Bergstrom (UCB), Gabriel Borgès (UCB), Michael Bubenheim (MPIDR), Angela Chau (UCB), Barbara Chiang (UCB), Leo Deegan (UCB), Ellen Guan (UCB), Carolyn Hart (UCB), Marguerite Higa (UCB), Shiro Horiuchi (UCB), Eva Kibele (MPIDR), Romano Lasker (UCB), Guiping Liu (MPIDR), Hawkin Lui (UCB), Felipe Menarès (UCB), Anjali Menon (UCB), Delicia Nahman (UCB), Dimiter Philipov (MPIDR), Marian Rigney-Hawksworth (UCB), Ethan Roubenoff (UCB), Rembrandt Scholz (MPIDR), Amanda Tanimasa (UCB), Long Wang (UCB), Lijing Yan (UCB), Danzhen You (UCB), Josie Zamudio (UCB), Sibo Zhao (UCB), and Mia Zhong (UCB).